W 2023
Beta family

Thank you for your interest in Phi Chi Theta!

Below are the Winter 2023 Rush video, and the rush schedule! We invite you to come to as many events as you can! To join our mailing list, please fill out the interest form.

We are looking forward to getting to know you better throughout the next few weeks!

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Rush Schedule

Rush Schedule

Tips & Tricks

Positive Attitude

Rush can be an intimidating process—remember to stay positive and know that we're all super excited to meet and interact with every one of you. Just be yourself and have fun!

Come Informed

Coming to rush events prepared is the easiest way that we can take your rush experience to the next level. Preparing a few questions, personal or professional, and attending rush events will ultimately enhance your rush experience and interactions.

Professional Appearance

Although some of our events have a casual dress code, it is important to recognize that a clean-cut appearance shows respect. We want to see each and every rushee individuality at the forefront, so if expressing yourself through fashion is of interest to you, by all means do it! Just remember, whether casual wear or business professional, try to keep it appropriate and respectful.

Create a Resume

We will ask for this after our application. There is no need to bring a resume to any open events.